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​Bamboo Art

Manipulate bamboo freely to create a unique world view.

​永井 寛通

​Nagai Hiromichi

Since 1995, he continues to lead the team as the "master" led by Nowa Taiko.

From the bottom, performance activities from below, management of Japanese taiko class at Nowa Taiko facility "ND-STUDIO", instruction to other groups as a Japanese taiko instructor, and creation activity and Japanese taiko as a bamboo creator who is also a main business Produced a new stage performance that was fused, gained a good reputation for creative activities in various places.

Aiming at the theme of "wa"! From Fukuoka to the world!

Ishinden is an art and live event produced by Nagai. It has been held since 2019 with the theme of live performance with people with disabilities.


Various artists, including the leader of the bamboo decorator, create the stage.


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